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Jeeves Goes To Downton Abbey

Jeeves received a call a few weeks ago to assist with the cleaning of the costumes for Downton Abbey; The Exhibition. As the costumes are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and in some cases antique, Jeeves set up a workroom at the exhibit space to clean each item by hand. For over five days, Managing Director, Jerry Pozniak, cared for, and hand cleaned, 46 costumes for the exhibit. From Lady Edith's second wedding dress, which was constructed of 100 year old lace to Lord Grantham's Hunting regalia,...

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Jeeves in Shanghai, Backstage Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017

The Jeeves New York team was honored to be invited back to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (VSFS) for the seventh year running, to take care of the gorgeous fashions backstage for VSFS 2017. This time, setting up our workroom backstage was a bit more involved than setting up in our backyard in NYC. VSFS 2017 took place live in Shanghai, on November 20th, 2017, and the Jeeves team departed New York on the prior Thursday. After, a relatively simple direct fifteen hour flight, we arrived in S...

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A Backstage Pass to the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

This year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was bigger and better than ever! As the chief marketing officer and executive of the fashion show, Ed Razek, told the Los Angeles Times, “It doesn’t get any bigger than this in the fashion world. Paris is the home of fashion. It’s the home of lingerie and it’s the home of fashion shows.” And we’d most certainly have to agree! How can you beat Paris and the Grand Palais? The smell of hairspray and cleaning ...

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What About Your Bag?

What is the perfect outfit without the perfect bag? Often times we spend countless hours constructing an outfit without thinking of the the final and vitally important detail…What bag works best?…But that detail, especially, is what completes any look. Whether it’s a oversized tote when you’re headed to the airport or a clutch for the red carpet….You just can’t ignore the bag!

Fashion Week season is coming to a close, and there were so many exciting pieces that made their way down the runway. From ballerina- inspired fashion, bold colors, to prints and lush fabrics like leather and velvet. And the bags? Well some of our favorites shared with you below, speak for themselves:


Some of the standouts via The Fashionista 

Okay, you found the perfect bag on the runways of Fashion Week. You loved it, and wore it as much as you could. You wore it through rain and shine, even snowstorms. Now your bag is dull, and perhaps lifeless even? Don’t worry! Jeeves will not only care for your designer garments but your designer bags as well.

Jeeves will take care of your leather, suede, fabric, and even embellished bags. Don’t let the elements keep you from sporting your favorite bag. Jeeves will handle the wear and tear through a careful cleaning process. It will restore the color deterioration and any scratches or marks. Also, each bag is processed on its own merit, and will be cleaned and treated specifically in that way. Stop by Jeeves to give your bag the facelift that it needs.

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