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Your Wedding Dress, to Preserve or Not to Preserve

What determines if you should preserve your wedding dress after cleaning? If you want to store your dress for more than one year, we at Jeeves recommend that you preserve your dress after it has been cleaned. If you are planning on selling your wedding dress, cleaning only is fine. Have a specialty dry cleaning company, such as Jeeves, clean your most important dress is critical. The dry cleaner closest may not have the experience to take care of your wedding dress properly. If you are keeping...

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Backstage Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2018 NYC

For the seventh year running, Jeeves worked the annual show – the greatest fashion show in the world. True to its name, the details of the event remain a closely guarded secret until the week before the event. The shows organizers strive to maintain perfection in the looks that are shown and Jeeves is on hand to make sure. Jeeves takes care of the cleaning of any item that is not perfect before it goes down the runway. From fabric wings, gloves, costumes and boots, Jeeves is backstage t...

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Jeeves Goes To Downton Abbey

Jeeves received a call a few weeks ago to assist with the cleaning of the costumes for Downton Abbey; The Exhibition. As the costumes are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and in some cases antique, Jeeves set up a workroom at the exhibit space to clean each item by hand. For over five days, Managing Director, Jerry Pozniak, cared for, and hand cleaned, 46 costumes for the exhibit. From Lady Edith's second wedding dress, which was constructed of 100 year old lace to Lord Grantham's Hunting regalia,...

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Wedding Dress Preservation

Your bridal gown is by far, the most meaningful garment you will ever purchase, with its’ sentimental value only increasing in time. Since you have invested a great deal of effort, emotion and expense in its purchase, the preservation of your bridal gown is something you should plan for now before the wedding.

Our preservation process is the greenest method available. Pre-faced by our one of a kind CO2 cleaning process, the preservation methodology is the same that is used by major museums for long-term textile storage, using all 100% natural materials!

Jeeves is recommended by The Vera Wang Bridal House, Temperley London, Bergdorf Goodman, Selia Yang, BHLDN, The Green Bride's Guide and Greenopia.

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